We would love to play in our Playground


We girls at London escorts, would you to know that our boudoirs can be your playground tonight. I am not the only girl who works for London escorts. My colleagues and I want you to know that you are free to choose. Tell me, would you like to do date a hot blonde or a kinky brunette? It is entirely up to you, we don’t mind who you choose, our main aim is to make sure that you can have some fun tonight. It is finally time to enjoy yourself and relax a little. Now, you have decided who you would like to meet, you need to decide what you would like to do? Of course, we have some crazy and wild ideas, but we are not sure if you are going to like them. Yes, we are happy to make suggestions, but above all, we would like you to bring your own fantasies.


Cast your mind free and tell us how you want to play I understand that you have had a long week at work, and so do the rest of the girls here at London escorts. It is a tough life, and most of us have to work really hard just to keep our heads above water. But you know, it can’t just be all work and no fun. The problem is that a lot of guys in London have forgotten what it is like to have some fun. Well, we want you to remember that and experience what it is like to have some adult fun in your life. Let’s be honest, our idea of fun changes as we get older. Us girls here at London escorts meet all sort of men. Many of the guys that we meet, have forgotten what it is like to have some fun. Talking to them, us girls soon realize that many of our gentlemen visitors have left their sense of fun behind, and take life too seriously. Now, we don’t want you to do that. With us girls here at London escorts, you can have some serious adult fun, and we want you to come along to enjoy yourself. Let London escorts help to relax you

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We can talk, maybe have a little drink and see if the movie inspires us. You never know, sometimes it is nice with some inspiration. I have watched a lot of good movies recently and managed to get some fantastic ideas. I know that many of my colleagues here at London escorts do the same thing. They turn on a movie, relax their visitor and wait for some inspiration. Inspiration normally comes quickly but you can enjoy the pleasure for longer. Is this the first time with us girls? If this is your first time with us girls here at London escorts, we promise to take it slow. Just like so many other ladies, we would like to get to know you first of all. After all, getting to know each other can bring so many unexpected pleasures.

I love all of my men, and getting to know them, is always the greatest pleasure. So, many ladies let their mouths do the talking. I, let my hands do the talking. Personally, I like to do slow things down a little bit. It will help me to relax, and it will help you to relax. My hands will find all of those tense knots, and slowly ease them out one at a time.